Save Eastbourne Speedway update

We would like to write to Eastbourne Eagles fans and followers to advise you of our latest activity since the announcement in March that Speedway no longer has a future at the Arlington Stadium.  We have since been researching viable venues for the return of the sport to Sussex.  

Whilst keeping an eye on the local market for appropriate land that might become available for purchase, we have been in contact with landowners in the county with existing planning permission for leisure activities.

Former Eastbourne Speedway promotions have previously made similar approaches without success, so we are aware that we may need to broaden the scope of our search to include new plots of land – agricultural or industrial – for a new track to be constructed.  As such, we are now seeking the support of our local council, with meetings organised in the coming days, to discuss locations where such a venue may be permitted.

We will continue to highlight the proud history Eastbourne Speedway, established in 1929 and sadly closed in 2021.  We remain enthusiastic about bringing Speedway back to Sussex and in late summer we expect to announce our first fundraising ventures to support with the expense of resurrecting the sport in the county.