Roy Prodger

Long-serving ‘groundsman’ at Arlington Stadium, Roy Prodger, has died.

He was a familiar face to Eastbourne Speedway fans for decades as Bob Dugard’s trusted No 2 when it came to track preparation.

You would see him driving tractors, raking and generally helping ensure the track was as perfect as it could be. Roy at one time was senior clerk of the course and even dabbled in his days as a rider.

His duties at Arlington Stadium went far beyond Speedway nights as he was responsible for the team which kept the premises maintained, prepped and looking good for the next event, whether it be Speedway or stock cars.

There seemed to be hardly a day when Roy was not at the stadium, even after he officially retired.

If you were first to a meeting, Roy would be there and he would be there long after every fan had gone home to bed.

Trevor Geer said: “Roy had been part of the fabric at Arlington Stadium for as long as anyone can remember and this is very sad news for everyone linked to both Eastbourne Speedway and Arlington Stadium over many decades. 

“Roy was working regularly right up until very recently for Speedway and Stock Cars and we’ll all miss his cheeky smile and his ability to always find the right key from a ring of about 200 of them, plus much much more.

“He was a great track man in his day and worked closely with Bob – and what a formidable team they made.”

Everyone on behalf of Eastbourne Speedway and the Dugard Family send their deepest condolences to Roy’s family and friends at this time of their sad loss.