Eastbourne Eagles – 2023

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts it is extremely unlikely to happen and we have at this stage, thrown in the towel for 2023. 

The last hurdle really was the BSPL explaining that they would need our commitment by the end of August, to run next season. We could have asked for more time but it seems, that would have just been delaying the inevitable.

The costs of entering the Championship were simply too much to raise the amount required and the stadium owners were not keen on us running at National League level.

We are devoted fans of the club and although this is most likely over for 2023, we do not want to give up. All the time there is a track at Arlington Stadium, we will want to see speedway there and will be happy to help financially or otherwise, with anyone that wishes to take up the mantle.

We are truly sorry for any hopes that we raised and have now, dropped.

Steve Chantler, David Graveling, Michael Gray, Mark Horsman