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I have been a fan of Eastbourne Speedway since 1970.  When my parents had “had a gutful of myself and my two brothers arguing all morning” they decided to get us out of the house to “have a look at that bike racing in Eastbourne”.  Little did they know, when they chucked us in the back of Dads Rover 80 that Sunday morning, that they would make a lifelong fan of their youngest and that he would go on to attempt a rescue mission for the club some 53 years later!

Through ‘Triangle Fire Systems’, which I run with those two brothers, I have experience in taking a tiny business through to a multimillion-pound enterprise that is one of the leaders in our industry.  We have twice been nominated by the London Stock Exchange in their list of ‘companies to inspire Britain’.  I also have extensive experience in sales and sports marketing, winning contracts with the Indy Motor Speedway, Jordan Grand Prix and others.

I have always joked when having that “If I won the lottery” conversation, I would buy Eastbourne Speedway!  I am not quite there but I have a passion for this club that keeps me awake at night and will put everything I have to make this a success.

My main focus with this project is to pull things together, set up the management team and bring in major investment and sponsors.


Speedway was first introduced to the Gray family by Michael’s father George, who supported riders such as Denzil Kent and also founded the family business: HG Aerospace was the title sponsor of the Eagles in 2020 and 2021.  The company has sponsored riders such as Morten Risager, Cameron Woodward and Tom Brennan over the last 15 years.  HG Aerospace were also instrumental in the development of the Eastbourne Eagles Community programme, one of the top marketing incentives in recent years that drew young people to watch the sport.  Michael has worked in the company for 33 years and has taken over the business since his father’s retirement, but has followed Speedway for even longer, first attending aged 7 in 1979.


A fan of Speedway since the 1980s, I supported school friend and second half rider Mark Harris, brother-in-law to former National League Riders’ Champion Colin Richardson.  My business ‘David Graveling Property Maintenance’ was set up in 1995 and I initially worked alongside my Grandad, building the business up through private work and later joining estate agents as part of their maintenance team.  A regular sponsor of the club in recent years, we put our name to Heat 1 of each meeting, advertised through trackside banners, and supported several riders including Timo Lahti, Georgie Wood, Mattie Bates and Jason Edwards.  I was honoured to be asked to join the consortium on this epic journey to bring Speedway back to Sussex and I look forward to seeing you all on the terraces!


Now a respected broadcaster and current world feed commentator for the FIM Superbike World Championship, Alex Raby cut his teeth as an amateur journalist with Eastbourne Speedway as a writer for the matchday programme from 2006 to 2015.  Alex continues to be involved in the sport as a commentator for FIM Moto TV and on the UK’s Swedish Speedway coverage. 

Alex was also the club’s official videographer in 2007.  His company Tapes Up Productions now provides live streaming coverage of track racing both in the UK and abroad.

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